1c. Mark Schroeder, Alameda, CA
Winged Fossil,  Digital Photo
2c. Phyllis Pacin, Oakland, CA
Night Swimming,  Raku Clay
3c.  Terry Bearden, Tuolumne, CA
Bristol,  Oil
4b, 4c Bonnie Randall Boller, Alameda, CA
In the Grass,  Clay Monotype . At Home,  Linocut
6a. Miriam Infinger, Alameda, CA
Enigma,  Mixed Media Collage
5a. Vakil Kuner, Alameda, CA
Four,  Steel
7a, 7c.  N. Teddy Goldsworthy-hanner, Alameda, CA
Crow Story + Link Wind & Sunsets,  Encaustic
8a, 8c.  Charlie Lucke, Hercules, CA
Raven + Mother & Cub,  Photography
9c.  Stella Zang, Palo Alto, CA
View Point 9,  Mixed Media
10b.  Johathan Taylor, Berkeley, CA
Berto,  Photography
12c.  Gretchen Blais, Richmond, CA
Moisture V,  Pastel, Photo, Graphite
11a.  Irene B. Thomas, Alameda, CA
Neural Circus,  Oil Board
17a.  Joan Tharp, Alameda, CA
Alameda Shoreline,  Acrylic
15b.  William Van Meter,
Oakland, CA
Neiman Marcus - Mannequin,  
18a, 18b.  Peter Sanderson, Alameda, CA
Shadow Whale + Curve,  Wood
14a.  Margaret Fago, Alameda, CA
Oak Grove Path,  Watercolor
16a.  Anne Ross, Alameda, CA
Grommet,  Photography
13b.  Janet Butler, Alameda, CA
Wild Flowers,  Watercolor
21a, 21b.  Maria Foley, Palo Alto, CA
Star Gazing + Knowing Dawns
Photopolymer Etching with Chine Collle'
20c.  Jill Fontaine, Alameda, Ca
West Park,  Oil
22a.  Justin Yanke, Emeryville, CA
Closed Hand, Graphite
19b.  Jon Kerpel, Alameda, Ca
The Other Lord,  Mixed Media
26a.  Charlene Doiron Reinhart,
Hayward, CA
Bee Puppeteer,  Ceramic
27a, 27b.  John Pearson, Berkeley, CA
Purple Haze + Dunes,  Photography
23a, 23c.  Feng Jin, Alameda, CA
David + Tiger II,  
Patina-finished Stainless Steel
25b.  Patricia Edith, Alameda, CA
I put my hand in the water,
Collage-Mixed Media
24c.  Gary Comoglio, Alameda, CA
Nude with Bonsai, Acrylic
33a, 33b.  Martha Davies, Alameda, CA
Idaho,  Pastel + Red Onion,  Photography
38a.  A. John Kammer, Alameda, CA
High & Encinal,  Watercolor
29a, 29c.  Larry Williams, Alameda, CA
1925 + Sinking Economy,
Digital Photo Collage
28a.  Sonia Meinikova-Raich,
San Francisco, CA
Long Journey,  Photography
32a, 32b.  Deborah Griffin, Alameda, CA
Bathing Beauties of Neptune Beach.
Digital Collage + Muse of Painting,  Mixed Media
31a, 31c.  Robert Hofmann, Oakland, CA
Utah + Fireworks 2,  Digital Photo
30a.  Martha Castillo, Palo Alto, CA
Prelude,  Clayprint
36a.  Jeanie Moran, Oakland, CA
Depths of Flora, Acrylic
35b.  Mary Loughran, Alameda, CA
Slipping & Sliding into Metaphor & Simile,  
37a, 37c.  Mi'Chelle Fredrick, Alameda, CA
The Secrets of Trees + Fragile,  Photography
34a, 34b.  Susana Romano, San Francisco
Vento Sul, Quente E Formadore De Nuvens +
A Espera
,  Etching
Island Alliance of the Arts, 4th Annual CROSS CURRENTS EXHIBIT, 38 Artists of California
July 8-30, 2010 . Alameda Museum 2324 Alameda Avenue, Alameda, CA

July 8-30, 2010
Alameda Museum, 2324 Alameda Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501 .  .510-521-1233
Artist Reception:   July 10, Saturday, 1-3pm
Artist Talks:  July 24, Saturday, 1-3pm

Exhibiting Artists July 2010:   
Terry Bearden,  Gretchen Blais,  Bonnie Randall Boller,  Janet Butler,  Martha Castillo,  Gary Comoglio,  
Martha Davies,  Charlene Doiron Reinhart,  Patricia Edith,  Margaret W. Fago,  Maria Foley,  Jill Fontaine,
Mi'Chelle Fredrick, Teddy Goldsworthy-hanner,  Deborah Griffin,  Robert Hofmann,  Miriam Infinger,  Feng Jin,   
A. John Kammer,  Jon Kerpel,  Vakil Kuner,  Mary Loughran,  Charlie Lucke,  Sonia Melnikova-Raich,  Jeanie Moran,  
Phyllis Pacin,  John Pearson,Susana Romao,  Anne Ross,  Peter Sanderson,  Mark Schroeder,  Jonathan Taylor,
Joan Tharp,  Irene B. Thomas,  William Van Meter,  Larry Williams,  Justin Yanke,  Stella Zhang
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